[Dixielandjazz] Stereo mics

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Jun 5 04:21:31 PDT 2005

Paul wrote:
If you want a lifelike sense of the performance, there is no better way
to capture it than by using a single stereo mic.  Some of the all-time
finest orchestral recordings were made this way. 

Three out of our four of the Canal Street Jazz Band's recordings have been
done using SoundField stereo microphones.  www.soundfield.com  if you're
interested in reading about them.  I have one each of each model (3).  The
only person in the world to own that many S/F mics!  (Ok, so I have a sound
rental company!)  

Anyway, our first recording was done in a studio, albeit "in the round", all
at the same time.  Our 2nd recording was live with one SoundField hung from
the rafters out over the audience, and "steered" (you can do that remotely)
to pick up more band than audience.  These mics have 4 capsules & are
referred to as being "coincidental stereo", so there are no holes or nulls.

Our 3rd and 4th recordings were done with one S/F in front of the drums (2
tracks to DA88, using Hi8 digital tape), one mic just over the strings of
the baby grand piano to another 2 tracks, and the 3rd mic in front of the
brass, thereby finishing off 6 tracks in total.  A Neumann U87 for the bass
& another for the vocals.  No mixer needed here...running the six SoundField
lines direct into the DA88 (as they are line level), and using a Summit
valve preamp for the two U87's.  You can actually "see" the drummer sweeping
across his drum set
On a drum solo, as the stereo (aural)picture is so very, very good.

Our mix is the natural blend of the band, although some retouching is done
in the studio later.  Has worked out very well for us.  Truly a blessing to
be the owner of such clever gear as those mics, though.


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