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Sat Jun 4 15:24:31 PDT 2005

Bob Romans <cellblk7 at comcast.net> wrote:
.".. Just wondering how Maria Muldaur did...did anyone catch her performance?
Did she sing 'Midnight at The Oasis'"?

I'll answer that in a second. First:

Hi, everyone. I've been off-list since February.
So, how the hell are ya?!!!?

Well, Bob, I did see one of Maria Muldaur's sets at the Convention Center
where I also saw list mate Mike Johnson, and we had a similar impression
of the show. Maybe I expected too much due to her "headliner" status, but
I felt there were many other bands at this great festival who offered a
higher level of entertainment and excitement. This was all low-key, mellow
music suitable for a lounge act. (Lounge act?!!!? Hey, isn't that what
Fruitcake Wiggins said about her way back when she was announced as
headliner? I hate saying he was right just as much as his wife does, but
in this case... well, I'll just think it but I won't make myself write it.

Re. Romans' Q.: Did she sing "Midnight at the Oasis"?  Let me first say
that I was listening for her trademark sound -- that thing she does with
her voice that's akin to yoddling or whatever -- but I didn't hear it.
(Hence, she sounded like any other lounge singer.) Naturally, I figured
she had gotten too old and couldn't make her vocal chords cooperate any
more. "Oh well," as I often say. But then, for her closing number, she
surprised me by singing "Midnight at the Oasis" complete with her funky
trademark yoddle thang. Now -- hold the phone -- why did she wait till the
end to sound like Maria Muldaur? I felt it was a bit unfair to her fans
who came to hear her trademark sound, and I still wonder why she held out
like that till the end. Maybe she really has gotten too old to sing her
style for the duration of a concert. All I can say is, I saw Maria Muldaur
for the last song but only after seeing some Maria Muldaur impersonator
for the rest of the show.

Steve, did you say Diana Krall and Tony Bennett were in Sonoma that same
weekend? Really? I know that Diana Krall will be at the Toronto festival
this month, and people are paying anywhere between $70 and $125 for one
show. Charging for a show ticket above and beyond the festival badge isn't
such a bad idea for a polished act if it draws a new audience to the
festival. Oh, the controversy! ;-)  (BTW: When Harry Connick was in Sacto.
last Feb., he sold out the Convention Center at similar prices. There is
an audience here, and they have money to burn.)

I had a wonderful time at Jubilee, as always. Sorry I couldn't be at the
Face-to-Face. I do wish everyone well.

(Same ol' same ol') Love and hugs,
new e'dress: <nancyink at surewest.net>

P.S. To Harry Epp: They still have the trad-only room at the Red Lion!
(The Yosemite Room.) Please come back next year!

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