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My biggest issue is balance and that is difficult using a simple mike setup
unless you have the mike  at least as far away as the band is wide.

A friend of mine has 2 CD's out that he recorded with his.  I have to say he
got it right and they are very good for a simple machine.  Again size and
equipment that I have to carry is a big factor.  I would like to carry less
not more.

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Larry asks:
"My mini disk recorder automatically goes into line mode when something
is plugged into that jack.  There is a jack for mike and one for line

"Does the AGC work for line in mode?"

I don't know what model you have, but I have a Sony RZ-30.  To get it to
record in manual mode, hold down the record button for about 10 seconds
while in pause and then set the record level using the Forward/Reverse
buttons.  Once you start recording you can't change the level.

"I know that there is better stuff on the market starting at about $600
and it tends to be large."

The MD is hard to beat for small size.

"I didn't want it for studio type recordings although it does really
well (I'm from the tape recorder hiss era)  It's the amount of equipment
that I have to carry as well as stretching cables etc.  This seems to be
a good solution.  I'm not recording this for full length CD's
but I'm not above grabbing snips for Demo CD's from it.

"My biggest use is critiquing the band and it's great for recording
students.I can carry it in my pocket and listen to it driving home."

I tend to use it the same way as you.  But it can be a decent two-track
recorder for location recording, if it's all you have.  Most of the
tracks on my wife's CD (Polly's Hot Paupers - reviewed in this month's
American Rag, thank you Cam!) we recorded using one.

-- Paul Edgerton

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