[Dixielandjazz] Sunset Cafe Stomp lyrics

Phil O'Rourke philor at webone.com.au
Mon Jan 31 14:08:39 PST 2005

What I have is

Sunset Stomp got 'em all a jumpin'
Sunset stomp got 'em all a bumpin'
Up and down all around they yell yeah man
Play some more charleston charleston
I'll say it's hot bet ya' black bottom
it's got 'em good ol' sunset stomp
Lord it's goin' and I keep on tryin'
Creative in that crazy house set to folks a-sayin'
Gentleman ladies to rush around and romp
They use their head 'cept those dead
Doin' that sunset stomp I said doin' that sunset stomp.

Phil O'Rourke

> Has anyone doped out the indistinct lyrics of May Alix's vocal on "Sunset
> Cafe stomp"?
> Here's what I have. The [brackets] are the problems. 
> Sunset Cafe stomp
> Chorus:
> Sunset Stomp,/   got folks jumpin'   Sunset Stomp./   got folks bumpin'
> Up and down,/   all around,/   they yell band man    play some more./
> Charleston,   Charleston,   |I'll say it's   hot,// but the
> Black/ Bottom   is got 'em,/ but   oh that Sunset    Stomp. Love//
> ---------------------------------
> is goin',//   |the people   say,///   /// cre-
> Ated in a   crazy house,/   gets good folks in-   sane.///
> ---------------------------------
> Gentlemen,/   ladies too,/   [not to [ ]  is   wrong.// They
> Lose their heads/   [  ]   doin' that Sunset Stomp, I say
> Doin' Sunset   Stomp.///
> Thanks.
> --Sheik

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