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Richard Broadie rbroadie at dc.rr.com
Sat Jan 29 17:26:08 PST 2005

Bill, I'm sorry to hear that your rules with respect to public domain 
performances have now been brought in conformity with that of the US.  So 
much for my plans of moving abroad so I could make a living there.  I guess 
that all the work I did for AVID Records near London is now illegal if they 
don't have some sort of grandfather clause for preexisting released 

I own patents and have copyrighted songs and am an ASCAP composer.  A few of 
my songs are reguarly performed on cruise ships but ASCAP doesn't monitor 
performances there.  My patents will expire in a few years (17 total) even 
thought it took me 30 years to develope the technologies.  And I developed 
my mono to stereo conversion technoligies to apply to public domain 
materials that never will be available to me.

I'm sure glad I've got my performance gigs as a musician to pay my bills. 
It seems like all my other plans aren't paying off very well.   On the 
otherhand, it could be argued that I'm having a most interesting life.

Bill, If this thread isn't of interest to the list, please forward any 
information you do attain about the copyright situation in AU and elsewhere.

> PS: We had the 50-year performance UK/Europe copyright rule, mentioned by
> Dick Broadie, up until 1st January 2005.
> However, following our current Prime Minister's rush to sign a Free Trade
> Agreement with the US, we are now bound by their rules with regard to all
> things involving music and 'the arts'. (Not to mention agriculture, meat,
> industry and such things.)
> I am trying to get a SIMPLE explanation of what is now involved with the
> music copyright situation, but am not holding my breath.
> I suspect that it will not be good for jazz here.
> Perhaps we should stop this thread here, before we get into trouble. 
> Again.
> Bill.
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