[Dixielandjazz] OKOM BIAB/Guide Tones

Jeffmatthews111 at aol.com Jeffmatthews111 at aol.com
Fri Jan 28 12:44:54 PST 2005

Hi All,
I know this has been posted elsewhere in the past but I can't contact one  of 
the sources for the BIAB files and I don't know if his email address has  
changed. Some sources have now become defunct too. Any sources that you can  
share would be gratefully received.
I was interested in the discussion about guide tones and there seems to be  
several opinions and ways of interpreting how guide tones are used apart from  
the standard theory. I would welcome some practical demonstrations of how this 
 is applied by members willing to participate with some practical 'dots' on a 
 page. I think it would help some of us still learning and wrestling with the 
 practicalities of playing up to the high standards we want to achieve.
I for one would appreciate a discussion of scales/arpeggio patterns people  
like to use, i.e pentatonics and particular types of scales popular in OKOM. I  
found it interesting that in the book 'Lost Chords', the author makes the 
point  that some of Artie Shaws work clearly shows links to Russian/Jewish scale  
systems and emotional input. 
I would also like to hear from any single note instrument players who  have 
found particular licks useful for getting round  okom tunes. If you  think this 
is a strange question, then  I can explain it by saying  that by listening to 
certain clarinet players I can detect a great deal of  reliance on 
pentatonics of one form or other scale devices. Any comments. Guys  with your experience 
you must have some great tips and 'how to's' and 'avoids'  which we beginners 
can learn from, if you would be so kind as to share them with  us. By the 
way, heres what I mean: I picked up a simple but very effective and  'pro' 
sounding lick from a great British clarinet player and I use it sparingly  like 
pepper and salt, but it sometimes gets me out of a corner and it sounds  like I 
know what I am doing. You must know a hundred of  them........
Thank you for your kind comments.

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