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> Bob: I should have read your post before writing mine.  Looks like you've
> been there and done that too. Larry

Yes, Larry he has, as well as many of the rest of us,

I will say it once again, however:

IF WE the Musicians and entertainers who know about this business and how it 
is supposed o run do not take it back and run it ourselves, but sit back and 
bitch about how bad it is out there then it will certainly never change for the 

NOBODY is going to go make it all Right for us.

It is much better to work for YOURSELF than some idiot who screws up his own 
business and takes you down with him.

Musicians should have the knowledge by now to investigate any place they are 
asked or ask to play, take the time to check the joint out and the operators 
for how they do business.  When you have watched one for a while you can pretty 
much figure out what is going on or not going on there and make a decision to 
work there or not.

This is a very Tough Business and we MUST TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS if we want 
it to treat us like one.


Tom Wiggins

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