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> ASCAP suddenly started writing and calling the restaurant where we play 
> every Monday night. The owner finally called me about it. He was already paying 
> ASCAP for the canned music piped in through the speakers and resented that 
> they were asking for another sum just because he now had live music once a week 
> for two hours.
> I

Hi Dave:

The real pisser is that ASCAP is already collecting their royalties on the 
piped in music from the Muzak firm that provides it to the restaurant anyway.  
Therefore ASCAP is not only extorting money they are double dipping into the 
same pot Again.  And if the place has a Jukebox they are getting paid on it as 

As I said they are way beyond out of control.

ONE Blanket license is certainly fine for any business as long as it's cost 
is reasonable and realistic, unfortunately however ASCAP does not see it that 
way and they just replaced Guido with the GUN with Alfonso Silverstien the 
Lawyer to extort more money in a more legal and sophisticated manner or so they 


Tom Wiggins

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