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I have heard this before.  I want to change the crowd because of the (insert
the reason here).  Then they change the music and the crowd doesn't show up,
the cash register doesn't ring and it's the bands fault. (I thought you had
a following)  It takes months if not years to change the crowd.  It's true
the hip hop guys will split taking their bucks with them but what happens
between the time they split and the old guys show up who don't drink much
but like to nurse a beer and listen to the band. The bar owners will start
getting all misty for the good old days.

The bands will get the blame and in a few weeks the hip hop guys will be
back but even then it will take massive advertising to get them back.

The reason this happens is that they try to do this on the cheap.  Change
bands and like magic they get the guys they want. NOT!  You can't do this
without advertising and planning.  It can be done but it cost's time and
money and if the bands want to make it work they might have to help out off
the meter.  The old fashioned street band might be a good advertising
tactic. It worked a hundred years ago.  The bar owners might be willing to
stick it out if you do something to help get customers in.  You can sell it
to the band by calling it  dress rehearsals.

I wish everyone well and this is a wonderful opportunity for bands but the
bar owners should know what they are doing or they will fall flat on their
faces.  I have heard all this before and sometimes they will expect instant
change.  I worked for a club that the owner expected this to happen in one
night.  As the patrons filed out going to the bar down the street, leaving
an almost empty house he came up and said I thought you guys had a following
you are running off my customers. (DUH!)  This is a week after we had the
discussion about how much he wanted to change his clientele and get rid of
the C&W crowd that was trashing his place.  He expected me to bring him
customers with absolutely no advertising by some sort of magic.

So been there done that.

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> All right you guys,  Here is a news flash that should get a lot of you
> work if you get off your Butts and go get it quickly:
> Old Sacramento is trying desperately to reach out to the community and get
> some drastic changes into the neighborhood, and guess what they want?????
> Live Music that appeals to and will draw an OLDER CROWD between 25 & 50
> old,
> Hello Hello Hello  Opportunity Knocks AGAIN.
> They want to get rid of the Hip Hop crowd that is crawling the area on the
> weekends and causing many problems.
> O'Malley's has already committed to live music every weekend for the next
> year, and all of the other clubs are falling into line and are willing to
> deals.
> There is absolutely no reason why that neighborhood can't become the
> Quarter West if all the OKOM bands that live in Sacramento get off their
> and go negotiate some gigs before somebody else does.
> All I want for the tip is the rights to operate the house of the rising
> upstairs.
>   The only thing that surprises and mystifies me is that none of you
> Sacramento Jazz Society bands were on top of this problem and did nothing
but walk
> right past the opportunity under your noses for the past how many years?
> you run an OKOM festival right in the neighborhood.
> I played a gig in Sacramento last week and right afterwards drove down to
> Town to see how many vacant nightclubs were sitting there begging for
> somebody to open and run them.  Looks like a Ghost town down there folks.
Seems to
> me the Sacramento Jazz Society should own the entire neighborhood.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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