[Dixielandjazz] Off to Well-digger's zone of fear!

dingle at baldwin-net.com dingle at baldwin-net.com
Fri Jan 28 05:55:02 PST 2005

A bright dunny moning in North Michigsn, but no time to be a brass 
monkey. -23 F. when I got up yesterday, but we are a vitual heat wave 
today at -17.
Time to set out the tomato plants...yeah sure!
Well, since it seems to be warming up and January not over yet, I 
thought I'd better head even farther north to be sure I get my full  
measure of cold, so off for a few days to head for the Soo -- Sault 
Sainte Marie at the east end of Lake Superior, with Canada a long spit 
on the other side of the creek.
So, if anyone sends a message requiring  an answer, know that it won't 
come until Monday.
On with the longies, the parka, the fur-lined you kmow what, and hitch 
up the sled dogs. Uncle Don is gone to visit Sgt. Preston.
Don Ingle

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