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Copyright laws in US were extended to protect Mickey Mouse for Disney. 
Because of those extensions, my mono to stereo business went right down the 
tubes.   I waited for 20 years for my favorite recordings and songs to go 
into public domain and then they changed all the rules.  In Europe public 
domain starts 50 years after the performance.  Here, public domain exists on 
all the good sutff until 50 years after myd death (or so it seems).  Dick B
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> Tom,
> Thanks for your thoughts on ASCAP and its enforcement of copyrights.
> I can't understand why the copyright laws should continue to be extended 
> far
> beyond the originally intended time period.
> I used to work in research, and earned a number of patents. These only
> lasted 17 years (or perhaps 20 now that we're getting in sync with the 
> EU).
> Why should a patented idea, which often takes years and sometimes millions
> of dollars to develop get less protection than a song, which might have
> taken a few days to write?
> Bruce Stangeland
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