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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 26 17:35:01 PST 2005

Couple of additions to elementary school programs.

1) If you play Livery Stable Blues to show animal sounds that horns can
   make. DO NOT CALL IT: "LIVERY STABLE". Why? Because kids don't know
   what a Livery Stable is. Call it by its other name; "BARNYARD BLUES".

2) Use The Saints to get them involved. "Hey folks, this is a call and
   response jazz tune. I call out 'When The Saints' and you then repeat
   'When The Saints'. Then I call out "Go Marchin In' and you respond 'Go
   Marchin In'. You watch the trumpet player. When he sings, you sing.
   Ready? Here We Go."

Our own programs are expanding rapidly. We recently got booked for the Red
Clay Consolidated School District (Wilmington DE) Performing Arts Festival
2005. It is a two day deal featuring Band, Chorus and Orchestra Students
from: 4 Middle Schools, 3 High Schools and the Cab Calloway School of
Performing Arts. (Lots of money in this district where 3 of the schools are
named after various DuPont Family members.)

The students are performing vocal, band and orchestra numbers at one high
school auditorium which seats 1200, and then the next day at the Grand Opera
House in Wilmington, a venue I've been trying to book, without success, for
10 years. Little Richard was there last week, averaging $40 a ticket.

We are playing prior to the opening act. Then between acts, at intermission
and at the end. Sharing the chores with THE WESTMINSTER BRASS QUINTET, a
locally famous classical group, Juilliard Grads, Philadelphia Symphony
Orchestra members, Curtis Institute of Music Grads etc.

So, if you want to get pro active, perpetuate the music among the young, and
then maybe get lucky like we did; CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICTS TODAY.

Steve Barbone

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