[Dixielandjazz] Thread--Swiss Kriss; JS Bach and Pensacola Blue Roofs

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Tue Jan 25 14:07:56 PST 2005

Forgive this digression, dear listmates, but-----( read far enough and
there's a musical connection)

 >>Ric Giorgi [mailto:ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca] wrote in my response related
to Swiss Kriss laxative still being available and some JS Bach trivia. I
searched Google and Swiss Kriss-this is the correct spelling-- is available
at $9.99 for 250 tablets.  Ingredient is vegetable laxative, cascara, common
to many laxatives. And, of course, not patented.  But true Louis Armstrong
fans would, for sentimental reasons, wish to take the "real-thing."  " Man,
this'll clean you out," said Armstrong.

  So I need to clarify about  the blue roofs.

>>Norman, I hope your face is red and you're laughing your head off! I am!
(simple minds and all that I quess). Are there really 14,000 blue roofs

Here is my response:
Hey Ric:

As I said in the previous communication, this is a meterological and not a
political statement.  Blue is the color of the tarpolin temporary cover for
roofs damaged from Hurricane Ivan in September.  It will be months before
all those roofs are replaced-( including ours)- 3 months is average
wait-time although there are construction and roofing teams here from all
over.  We even had some electrical teams from Quebec right after the
hurricane.  Now it's repairing roads and houses from the storm damage,
including a storm surge, in some places, of 16 feet!  Friends houses in
low-lying areas near the water were completely demolished.  There is still a
shortage of hotel rooms as the rescue-effort teams are taking most of the
available rooms.

 But!! we have secured rooms for our musicians--including Boondockers Bill
Gunter and Bob Ringwald-- I'm sure you'll let me know if I left other
Boondockers off the list-- and fans within walking distance to the site of
the Pensacola JazzFest #22 upcoming April 9-10.  Fortunately, our festival
site, even though one block from Pensacola Bay, was spared from significant
damage.  Y'all come.  It's a FREE festival and fun.  See the Jazz Society of
Penscola's website www.jazzpensacola.com for list headliners, pix, details
of previous festivals and housing arrangements for fans!

Those interested in further edification about blue roofs can go to
pensacolanewsjournal.com and see their archived pix of the storm damage.

>From Pensacola, the city of 14,000 blue roofs

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