[Dixielandjazz] Improvisation isn't = to jazz (Bach, first jazzman?)

Ric Giorgi ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 25 10:40:48 PST 2005

Just one other point Charlie, 

Conductors became necessary with the middle Beethoven symphonies, pretty
much everything before (and much after) that, could be handled by the
concertmaster (1st violin) or the keyboard player. Improvisation became the
domain of the soloist in concertos but even then the composers of the time
were upset enough with the quality of the (improvised) cadenzas that were
'de rigueur' in concertos, that they were forced to write the cadenzas
themselves. That was probably the handwriting on the wall for "classical"
improvisation. After Mozart, there are no real improvised cadenzas left to
soloists although AFAIK some composers did allow some performers to do their
own cadenzas because they respected them or the work was written for them.
Bartok's improvisation is not based on "classical" origins but rather on
"folk music" origins that inspired some of his music.

I'm trying give to OKOM its rightful due here because so many "classical
music" people still look down their noses at it and us.

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