Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 24 18:35:30 PST 2005

As some list mates know, our band is proactive in developing new audiences
for Dixieland. As such, we have slowly but surely been increasing our
presence with elementary and high school jazz concerts for kids. (to say
nothing about our College and University parties)

Fees at the secondary school level are usually paid by the schools, yes
there is local school budget money there, or if no outside activity budget
left, by the PTA. (the school parent-teacher association)

As our program becomes more popular, the gigs come via word of mouth. And
now we've been contacted by an Intermediate Unit School (read school for
disadvantaged kids) about a program. Seems they have Federal budget money
that can be allocated to outside cultural presentations. And that money can
be applied to music programs.

Ninety percent (90%)the students at this school come from families below the
poverty line, (about $18,500 income for a family of 4). I'm not exactly sure
which federal program applies, and will report back after the gig. They had
no problem with our fee, and we cut them a break for a weekday afternoon
performance at schools.

It will be interesting to see how these kids react to a combination musical-
educational jazz presentation.

We are pleased to be doing something constructive about OKOM, kids, and now
especially, these kids.

Band leaders may want to contact their local school districts and start a
grass roots movement bringing jazz to kids. Our experiences have been VERY
POSITIVE, from both a "monetary" and a "feel good" point of view.

And best of all you will find that KIDS ADORE DIXIELAND JAZZ.

Bottom Line?  The young musicians, Johnny Mac Bands, Brett Boyd, Jonathan
Russell et al will have an audience long after we are gone.

Steve Barbone


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