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Ric Giorgi ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 24 17:39:01 PST 2005

All this talk about configuring the sections in a band reminds me of what I
did with the Rainbow Gardens Jazz Orchestra when we were working relatively
steadily as an 8 piece ensemble. We had a regular piano, guitar/banjo,
drums, string bass rhythm section, plus cornet, trombone, clarinet/alto sax
and clarinet/tenor sax.

I put the rhythm section in a "box" formation on one or the other side of
the stage or riser with piano (outside) and guitar/banjo (inside) in front,
bass behind the piano, drums behind the guitar/banjo. I put the horns in
another "box" with the two brass in front cornet (inside), bone (outside)
and the two reeds on a riser (or additional riser) behind the brass. This
let the rhythm section hear the horns well in big room situations without us
getting blasted by them and kept it the rhythm close together physically and

I think this was the best setup we ever had for the RGJO. I'd love to see
that picture of TM's band with the rhythm up front!

Ric Giorgi

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> I will try and dredge up a photo taken by my friend in 1946/7 At the Dawn
> Club with the rhythm section up front.
> I rember Turk making a comment about Bill Dart's timing, the Clark drawing
> is as I remember, but that was in 1941 and that was at the Dawn Club
> Slainte
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