[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland before ragtime?

Don Kirkman donkirk at covad.net
Fri Jan 21 13:51:51 PST 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 17:51:39 -0300, Luis Daniel Flores wrote:

>´´Ragtime was near its creative height in 1904, when the st.Louis World´s
>fair held a ragtime contest´´
>quoted from the book Classic jazz by Scott Yanow.

That probably applies more to classic ragtime (composed, modeled on
brass band marches, southern (?) folk music, and contemporary European
styles, than to ragging otherwise mundane popular music, a custom which
apparently paralleled the rise and fall of composed ragtime but may have
both preceded and survived the classic style.  ISTM the heyday of
classic rag was from around 1895 to the 1910s, and jazz and blues
rhythms were taking over by the end of the decade (though some like Joe
Lamb and James Scott continued to write great rags for much longer).

>We have to remember that before 1997 OKOM(Dixieland or whatever)  was called
>ragtime.(Rudy Blesh)

Typo for 1917?  1927?  I know Kid Ory referred to his early jazz as
ragtime, and I think others did as well.
donkirk at covad.net

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