[Dixielandjazz] Prince of Wails

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Fri Jan 21 05:39:50 PST 2005

Hi All.
I'm making a lead sheet of "Prince of Wails".

The third strain is not in the sheet music--The sheet music has the usual
intro, verse, chorus, but the jazz records insert an [unknown] strain after
the verse. I want to know where it came from.

The Wolverines version has significant differences from the sheet music and
other records:
1. It, like other records, is in C (one record is Db, another in F); the
sheet music is in F. 
2. some one has composed a different melody for the Intro. All my other
records have the sheet music version
3. Though it and most of my other records have the mystery strain, someone
composed a melody for it, whereas the other versions use it for solos, jams
or even the out chorus.

I wonder whether Elmer Schoebel made a stock and included it there? 

I have:
Little Ramblers 11/14/24 (Db) (pno solo uses strain)
Cotton Pickers 12/4/24
Wolverines 12/12/24
Tennessee Tooters 12/23/24
Elmer Schoebel (Pno) Friars Society Orchestra 10/18/29 (Has the strain)
Bennie Moten 12/13/32 (basically uses the B and chorus chords and the piano
is *awesome*)
Bud Freeman Famous Chicagoans 7/23/40 

I haven't heard any pop versions.

POW ain't one of the great tunes in the repertoire, but the intro and
[unknown] strain give it a variety that gives a pallid tune
potential--Independence Hall JB demonstrates this on the CD "Louis: the
Oliver years" (Stomp Off 1384). Also, one of my favorite CDs, "Ecklund at
Elkhart" (Jazzology 246)


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