[Dixielandjazz] Unforgivable Blackness score

Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Jan 20 21:58:21 PST 2005

     I just got around to watching the tape of the first half of 
"Unforgivable Blackness", about the black fighter Jack Johnson, which 
aired last week on PBS.  The film itself is very good (i.e., the 
universal but hidden substitution for "i liked it"), and the score 
has a number of very nice OKOM songs. I thought perhaps someone would 
have mentioned this by now.
     Wynton Marsalis did the score and wrote some new music and 
arrangements for the film (see 
http://www.pbs.org/unforgivableblackness/about/credits.html). He used 
songs such as "Smokehouse Blues", "Sidewalk Blues", "High Society", 
"Weary Blues", and "We'll Meet Again".  His musicians include 
Wycliffe Gordon, Michael White, and Mark O'Conner.  There's some good 
stuff here.


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