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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jan 18 20:55:30 PST 2005

In a reply to my comment regarding Rick Knittel's post on "Bei Mir Bist Du"
Schoen, Hal Vickery wrote: > For my first post in probably 8-9 years, a
follow-up on:
> One of the bands covering the Andrews Sisters' hit was Benny Goodman.  The
arrangement the Goodman band played included a 6/8 fraelich <sp?> style solo by
trumpeter Ziggy Elman, which later was published as "Fraelich in Swing."
Eventually Elman's improvised solo (and I'm not sure if it had become so by the
time it was published) evolved into a tune that was converted into 4/4 with
added lyrics.  It was retitled "And the Angels Sing."

Dear Hal,
The evolution of Ziggy Elman's trumpet solo "Fralich into Swing" into "And
the Angels Sing" is interesting and can be heard on the CD of BG's 'Camel
Caravan' broadcasts of 17th and 31st Jan 1939 (Phontastic NCD 8817).
On the first of these broadcasts Benny (as part of a long, corny and dated
scripted exchange) introduces Elman and his "Fralich in Swing" feature, then
invites Johnny Mercer to write some lyrics for it by next week's program on
24th Jan. There is also a bit of banter between Mercer and Elman.
Mercer failed to make this deadline, but by the 31st Jan program he had it
completed. More banter. Mercer renamed it "And the Angels Sing" and singer
Martha Tilton introduced it with Ziggy Elman prominently (and wonderfully)
Well worth finding the CD and having a listen.
The band arrangements for both versions were made by Jimmy Mundy.
The BG orch 'officially' recorded "And the Angels Sing" (with Martha and
Ziggy) for Victor in 1 Feb 1939 prior to a lengthy theatre tour.
However, Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra (using some members of the Goodman
band) recorded "Fralich in Swing (And the Angels Sing)" for Bluebird on 28
Dec 1938, pre-empting the BG broadcasts.
Which raises a question: Was the Elman disc released after the Goodman
Victor, which would explain the inclusion of the 'And the Angels Sing'
subtitle. Or was the 'challenge to Mercer' broadcast thing a setup?
For the record:
The Andrews Sisters' Decca hit Bei Mir Bist Du Schon was recorded on 24 Nov
The BG Quartet (BG, Wilson, Krupa, Hampton + Martha Tilton) 2-part version
was made on 21 Dec (Pt 1) and 29 Dec 1937 (Pt 2 on which Ziggy Elman was
Very kind regards,

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