Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 17 14:24:59 PST 2005

List mates:

A fan of ours has a trombone for sale that was played by her brother-in-law,
recently deceased. He was with Les Brown long ago, and Terry Gibbs more
recently. His name was Marsh Miller.

Bach Stradivarius - Model 6 VII
S/N 2976 (about 1945 or so)
Brass 7" Bell, Horn newly re brassed, said to be in excellent condition.
Hard Case, straight mute, 2 mouthpieces included. Parduba double e cup *4*

She says she was offered $1995, less commission of 30 percent by a dealer
but wants to make sure it has a good home playing Dixieland and/or swinging
jazz of some type.

She has pictures of it etc. It is located in Annapolis MD.

If anyone is interested, please write me off list and I will send you the
contact information. I believe she will take $1295, maybe a little less.

Steve Barbone 

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