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> And, totally unrelated to the above: various people on the DJML have asked 
> me 
> privately if they could have a free sample of the RAG, so we've decided that 
> for a limited time we'll provide a free sample to anyone who writes to us at 
> MRagbiz at aol.com. It will probably be a recent back issue or the current 
> issue 
> rather than the upcoming issue--it will just depend upon our supply and when 
> during the month we get the request. 
> Leslie Johnson
> editor at mississippirag.com OR
> lesliemrag at aol.com

Wonderful idea Leslie:

Now may I make another suggestion for your folks that will do a lot to help 
promote the music, and also get you some new subscribers:

Ask all of your subscribers to take their finished back issues around the 
schools in their neighborhoods and districts and place them in the school 
libraries after they have finished reading them, try to get the librarian to 
encourage the kids to read them.

Same thing applies to any local public libraries.

Might be surprised to see subscriptions start to climb as well as spreading 
the OKOM Gospel to a new audience.  :))

This could and also should be done by all the Jazz Societies who really want 
to promote the music and those who make it.

Another good place to drop them off is Dentist's and Doctor's offices where 
there is always an ample supply of out dated magazines in the rack.  If 
somebody called on all those Doctors and Dentists they would be easy subscribers as 
well, Heck some of them on this list even play OKOM on their days off. :))   
Also Big O Tire shops, Car Dealerships, Recycle them and really get that PASS 
ALONG readerships that all publications claim to have in their readership 
circulation numbers to justify the advertising rates.  How about the court houses 
where they make us all show up for jury selection process?  Any place where 
folks have to sit and wait and get bored. :))


Tom Wiggins

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