[Dixielandjazz] T'ain't or Tain't or Taint. Definitely not OKOM

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Thu Jan 13 06:24:45 PST 2005

Maybe the dialect of British Trad? :-) VBG


on 1/13/05 12:45 AM, Stan Brager at sbrager at socal.rr.com wrote:

> Pat;
> The other versions of the word which also sounds the same as taint are slang
> or argot words which can be found in certain dictionaries.
> What dialect of English is "yur, thees aint never bin no wur, ast?"
> Stan
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>> Taint is found in all English dictionaries while the other versions are
>> not.>>
>> I will bet this version is not found in any dictionary.
>> `Yur, thees aint never bin no wur, ast?`
>> For the benefit of those poor benighted mortals not born in the County of
>> Wiltshire, that jewel which shines brightest in the necklace of fifty two
>> which  adorn the throat of Great Britain;  and other breeds without the
> law,
>> it means..
>> `Consider,  you have never been anywhere, have you`
>> Not many people know that.

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