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John R T also searched for the best  versions of recordings available, 
frequently playing as many different copies of the same performance as were 
possibly attainable as the initial step of the process.  The best 
"restoration" is the use of pristine source material which requires 
virtually no restoration work at all!  I wish I had similar opportunities.

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> Hello Mike
> John R T  said "Much of my work is done in analogue form in which domain I
> have developed methods not applicable to the digital."
> See:   http://www.bluesworld.com/JRTDavies.html
> It should be remembered that John R T was first and foremost a RECORD
> restorer. He got the wonderful results he did by concentrating on the
> record itself and the transfers were taken from discs that had been
> painstakingly brought back to as close to original pressings as possible.
> He did some amazing things with wax and miniature soldering irons!
> See the FAQs at:   http://www.jazzrescue.com
> All the best
> Anton
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