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I heard the following stories from a dance historian who had interviewed some of the old-time Lindy Hoppers in New York:

The step had been around for a few years in Harlem, but in 1927, some white folks came to see it performed, made a big deal about it, and someone asked, "What's it called?"  The dancers didn't have a name for it at that time, it was just a dance move that they did.  So one of them thought fast and said, "Lindy Hop,"  thinking of all the publicity about Lindbergh.

The other story is more simple.  "Lindy Lou" was a common nickname/slang term for young African-American women, and I believe this came out of an old popular song.  So this new step where the young black women woman kicked up their heels got named "Lindy Hop."  

The Lindy of 1927 was not quite the same as the step popular in the 1940s and today.  It was more of a Charleston variant with break-away steps.

P.S.  There's a huge Lindy Hop event taking place in New Orleans next weekend  called "Lindy Gras."  Lots of good music, including the New Orleans Jazz Vipers. 


Hope this helps --

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