[Dixielandjazz] Not exactly OKOM, but..

Charlie Coleman charliew8fim at ncool.net
Mon Jan 10 13:16:10 PST 2005

Hello listmates:    I have been seeing quite a few "Ham" (amateur radio licencees) call signs on this list, so it prompts the question:  How many well-known musicians are/were "hams" (in the radio sense).    My short list would include:
Pee Wee Hunt
Tex Beneke
Alvino Rey
Sylvester Ahola
and althouth not musicos, Barry Goldwater.  (How I longed to see a tri-band antenna over the white house)
and commedian Charlie Weaver
Care to add any?   I'm sure that there are many more- most that I have forgotten. (senior moments).
It's hard to realize that just a few short years ago, Amateur Radio was a vital resource in civil emergencies - before cell phones and the internet.   The thrill of making an overseas contact (DX) on a home-brew transmitter and military surplus receiver (BC-348 etc) was a real accomplishment.   Now it is done routinely with a few key strokes and the click of a mouse.   (more senior reminisces) .   Sorry to have an off-topic post.   
Charlie (W8FIM) Coleman 

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