[Dixielandjazz] Bohem Ragtime JB in the US 2005

Tamas Ittzes bohem at fibermail.hu
Mon Jan 10 17:31:35 PST 2005

Dear friends,

We are in the US (West Coast) in the fall with the Hungarian Bohem
Ragtime Jazzband. We are looking for additional gigs - weekdays only!

We'll do the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento Nov 18-20, the
Hot and Cool Jazz Festival in San Jose Nov 25-27 and we are in Portland,
Oregon Dec 2-4. We'll be probably driving around California and up.
We'll be available for gigs on Nov 21-24 and Nov 28-Dec 1. We don't want
to just sit around. However, we cannot extend our stay so no additional
weekend gigs would be possible. If not on the West Coast, one gig might
be possible on the way right before or after the other concerts (Nov 17
Thu or Dec 5 Mon) - we can arrange flights with such detour with
reasonable additional cost.

If you could help us out, let me know. We are 8 men, check us out at

Tamas (Ittzes)

Tamas ITTZES - violin teacher, ragtime pianist, festival organizer
Bohem Ragtime Jazzband, Kecskemet Jazz Foundation
Mailing address: H-6001 KECSKEMET, Pf. 652., Hungary
Phone: +36(20)82-447-82
E-mails: tamas at bohemragtime.com, bohem at fibermail.hu
Band web site: http://www.bohemragtime.com
Festival web site: http://festival.bohemragtime.com
Personal web site: http://ittzes.bohemragtime.com

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