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Garry Moore picked many of NYC's finest for his Jazz LP. (I have it 
somewhere safely stored away).  He recorded Wild Bill Davidson with strings 
on two tracks, if memory serves me correctly.  I believe this lead to WBD's 
with strings LP being done.  Garrison Morfit (his real name-but likely 
misspelled) indeed loved OKOM.  Dick B

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> Dear George,
> Just mention my name and up I pop! Rarely fails.
> 8>)
> Garry Moore (1915-1993) was indeed a friend of jazz.
> I am sure that Don Ingle can elaborate.
> Moore regularly featured jazz guests on his program.
> In particular, on 26 November 1961, he devoted his 'Dupont Show of the 
> Week'
> TV program to "America's Music - Chicago and All That Jazz" which included
> (among others) Henry 'Red' Allen, Louis Armstrong (archive footage), 
> Buster
> Bailey, Mae Barnes, Blossom Seeley, Bix Beiderbecke (archive material),
> Bessie Smith (archive footage), Bud Freeman, Johnny Guarnieri, Eddie
> Condon's band (music off screen), Bob Haggart, Gene Krupa, Meade 'Lux' 
> Lewis
> and Jack Teagarden.
> I have a full synopsis, but please do not ask me to type it out.
> The Garry Moore LP you mention is probably  Columbia CL 717 'Garry Moore
> Presents My Kind Of Music' [that sounds familiar!] and features items by
> George Barnes, Wild Bill Davison, pianist Mel Henke, the Rampart Street
> Paraders, Ernie Caceres and Sonny Terry.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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