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Mon Jan 10 13:52:43 PST 2005

Thanks for that link, John. What an amazing musician he was.

Did you ever hear the story about Fats Waller when Art Tatum came into the club and sat in the audience?  Fats told the crowd something like "Folks, I play the piano.  But God just walked in!"

And speaking of Fats Waller, if you've never seen the movie "The Legend of 1900" you owe it to yourself to rent a copy and get ready for a few hours of great entertainment. Fats is not the main character but is a big part of the best scene, IMHO.


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Some kind soul has posted on the internet a downloadable video clip of Art
Tatum playing "Yesterdays", he tells me that it will be there for a few days
only so be quick. Here's the link

John Farrell

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