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Sun Jan 9 12:51:58 PST 2005

A subject of Family conversation was the story(?) that my Grandfather, a Tenor, a member of the Mormon Male choir.  During the early 1900s was a paid Cantor for a local synagogue. As I recall there never an adverse comment about his participation. Don't  know if he was able t speak Hebrew, or if they translated into English for him.
"Cow-Cow Davenport", Smith ,Ramsey, et al relate that "Cow-Cow Blues' was written by Davenport after his first wife left him and was recorded on Vocalion 1198. . Back side was "State Street Jive" , a piano solo with Ivy Smith doing the talking. Recorded in 1928. 
Thanks for all the links to other web sites, Spend too(?) much time reading and listening. But it is worth every moment
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