[Dixielandjazz] EBAY Listing for Louis Armstrong items.

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Sun Jan 9 10:03:49 PST 2005

Steve barbone wrote:

>Hey all you trumpet players, check out this ebay listing.
>Trumpet accessories that belonged to LOUIS ARMSTRONG.
>Item number: 3864790962
>Joe Franklin the seller has been a well known "character" in NYC for over 50
>years on radio and TV. He is a fan of Vince Giordano's nighthawks and well
>known to the band members. He says Louis personally gave these items to him
>for his collection.
>Bob Romans, Don Ingle et al, now is your chance to get some trumpet
>accessories, E.G. valve key inlays, etc., that Louis owned.
>Once in a lifetime opportunity.
>Steve Barbone.
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Thanks for the tip, Steve, but no thanks:
Ahh -- a Jimmy McPartland legend redux.
Jimmy, who was a number one fan of Bix and took his place with the 
Wolverines used to give away
mouthpieces to many people, stating that these were genuine Bix 
mouthpieces that Bix had given him.
This bit of his practical joking has been a legend among many good 
players ove the years.
Perhaps the Armstrong mouthpieces noted above may be genuine -- but it 
does conjure up the old McPartland "Mick Trick" he ran for years. 
Actually I turned one down some time ago because I already had one of 
Buddy Bolden's
next to my others -- a Bunny Berigan Bach 7C being my favorite becaue it 
still had the faint aroma of Four Roses!(:>))
All tricketed up,
Don Ingle

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