[Dixielandjazz] Larry's church question (Was More Gig Tips)

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sun Jan 9 02:05:37 PST 2005

I recently described a jazz church service we played every year in VT.
It was at a Congregational Church. Obviously the hymns were considered
"Christian" whether they mentioned Christ or not.
Our banjo player for about 8 of the 15 years was Jewish. He never seemed
to mind. Always took the gig.

I would imagine that you could ask your vocalist straight out,if she would like to do it..
If she can't bring herself to  sing about Jesus, and you don't mind, try the hymns like
the ones which talk about how great it will be to be "on the other side" etc.
like "50 miles of Elbow Room", "Just a Little While to Say Here",
"Crossing Jordan" etc. etc. or "This LIttle LIght of Mine"-
(seems to me those are rather non-sectarian, even ecumenical)
 and non-hymns l like "Wonderful World"
and "When I Leave This World Behind" (love that one).

If that doesn't work, play without vocalist, or get one from the church
if you have some insight into a good one there (that's what we do as
we don't normally have a vocalist.)

Craig Johnson

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