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Sat Jan 8 16:09:16 PST 2005

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robert at ringwald.com writes:

> I once played for a John Birch Society picnic where during the breaks, they 
> played military, march music &gave away a rifle with telescopic sights.  I 
> am not a member of the JBS.

So did I BOB, wonder why we didn't get more gigs from it??   :))
One would think we could have at least been booked for the NRA convention.
Naw, on second though they probably went to BlueGrass music so they could 
hear their theme song "Dueling Banjo's" and Dance the Turkey Trot all night.  :))

> I have played for strip shows, but I am not a stripper!

Me too, but I got carried away and converted and took all my clothes off in 
the pit, so I guess I am a stripper huh?   I still like to hear " Let Me 
Entertain You " as I get undressed or watch somebody else get undressed so we can 
have a real good time."  Guess that's why I never got a call back to play with 
that orchestra you suppose, I thought it was because I was behind on my union 
dues at the time.  hummm.

You folks better get those boat docks moored tightly out front of the Dante 
Club today, there is a monsoon on it's way to you right now and you may have to 
row row your boats to get to the front door tomorrow.
Cheers, and Leers,

Tom Wiggins


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