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> Probably one of the most difficult things to do as a band leader is keep a
> good band together. How many other good bands have broken up because they
> could not get along?
> Must be a long list out there.

Yes, Almost All of them,  and then they go off and start five or six more to 
do the same thing over and over again and again.   "That illusive Dream"   Too 
many sidemen think they want to be the Band Leader.  Then when they get the 
job they can't wait to get rid of it. :))

Often so much creative talent simply burns out and they like Artie Shaw think 
they cannot possibly make it any better, and rather than continue doing it 
over and over again to new audiences around the world they stay rooted into one 
circle that adores them and burn out.

There was even a song written about it not long ago, I believe, I hear the 
melody in my head but can't remember the singer?????

Musical content:       "IS that all there is"?  Sometimes yes it is and it is 
very good, so why try to fix what ain't broke, just keep moving and play it 
to new audiences who will make you fell like it is indeed the first time you 
ever did it and show their appreciation by expanding your circle of friends and 


Tom Wiggins

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