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Hey All;

I remember back in the mid 1990's, when I was living in Chicago, getting a
call from Yocum the week before the Sacramento Jazz Fest asking to go out
and "fill in" at the festival because the original band had busted up.  I
didn't know what to expect, it was sort of like being a Dixieland Mercenary.
I'd have to say, Uncle Yoke pulled together a group of guys from around the
country who were familiar with the Black Dog style, sound, and arrangements
and I believe that we delivered.  The one thing missing was the pyrotechnics
from the tuba bell.

For that weekend we referred to the group as Uncle Yokeless Blacklist Jazz
Band.  If anyone on the list has any recordings of that group, not that I
believe anyone would record a set at jazz festival, I'd like to get a copy
of it.  The personnel on that iteration of the group (that I remember)was:
Randy Morris on piano
Duke Heitger on cornet
Jeff Walker on clarinet
Scotty Hamilton on trombone
A young drummer from Southern Cal
Myself on tuba

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Steve Yocum told me they broke up because they couldn't get along.  He said
"We self-destructed."  
Rae Ann

> Listmates,
> Bob Ringwald wrote (regarding the sidemen in the Black Dog Jazz Band):
> >Tuba is probably Dave Gannett.  Drums, Eddie Mets Jr.  Piano Tom Hook, 
> >clarinet Bob Draga.
> Bob is correct with Gannett on tuba, Metz on drums and Hook on piano. But 
> the original clarinet player was Jim Buchmann. Buchmann was the first to 
> leave the band pretty early in their existence as a group and was replaced

> by reedman David Poe.
> Does anyone know why this wildly successful band broke up when they were 
> still arguably the most popular band on the jazz circuit?
> Also, Dave Gannett (I believe) published some Black Dawg Jazz Band 
> newsletters which were witty and informative. There may have been as many
> five or six of these which the band sent out to fans. Does anyone happen
> have copies of them lying around anywhere? I'd be interested in looking at

> them again.
> Cheers,
> Bill "loved them dawgs!" Gunter
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