[Dixielandjazz] "Stereoization"

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Thu Jan 6 05:00:58 PST 2005

At 04:44 PM 1/6/2005 +1100, Anton Crouch wrote:
>Dick Broadie wrote:
>"Parker and I don't agree on what proper Stereoization is.  He hates mine
>and vice versa.  One of us is right."

Broadie is right, because his computer system spreads the sound evenly, and
doesn't hurt the music. 

Whereas Parker is fooling around with the EQ and reverb, and if he goofs,
it can hurt. However, he's not doing this for collectors and afficcionados,
but for the mASSES with modern systems. And I feel they sound better over
my mono combo PA when playing CDs during breaks. Except in my car, I listen
exclusively on headphones, and I really enjoy some Parker albums. 


>I agree 100% with Dick on the matter of Robert Parker's efforts. Actually,
>I've never met anyone who does like the Parker approach. Try listening on
>headphones to his transfers of Bessie Smith  - you'll know fairly quickly
>where you stand.
>I haven't heard any of Dick's work, so I can't comment on the "one of us is
>right". Logically, at least, both could be wrong   :-)
>All the best
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