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> Speaking of cutting contests.  Some years ago there was a company that was
> trying to sell a gadget (varitone?)that would allow a reed player to play in
> octaves.  They had a big band behind Boots Randolph, A symphony player and
> one of the local heroes name Bob (deceased) who had played on the Kenton
> band.  (unfortunately I can't remember his last name).  They all demoed the
> device and then they had Bob and Boots doing fours in an up tempo tune.
> Things were going pretty frantic and Bob gave it all he had and Boots played
> his exact solo and then fired one back.  I had never seen anyone do that
> before.  It was almost like he said I matched you now try this!!!

Hi Larry:

   Boots Randolph was a great Sax player, don't know if he is still with us 
or not, as I have been out of Country music for a long time now, but I remember 
promoting shows with him when Yackety Sax was The Hot Sax Record on the 
charts.  Saw him once in Nashville, Tenn. on a double bill with Danny Davis and the 
Nashville Brass, another really hot act for a time.  Another often forgotten 
bandleader with a great show was Ray Pennington out of Texas, who did a lot of 
work with Ray Price.

I once saw Buddy Rich and Max Roach do a head to head session.

Max had said something to the effect that he was as good a drummer as Buddy 

When they set up to do it Buddy said to Max "Anything you play I can and will 
play with One hand behind my back."

Then he proceeded to do it.  Made me and most other drummers in the audience 
want to burn our sticks for firewood and take up another instrument.   :))

Dem wuz da deys eh?


Tom Wiggins

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