John Wolfe n2xbw at northnet.org
Tue Jan 4 14:07:13 PST 2005

Fellow Musicians,
Please excuse this intrusion on your time.  My name is John Wolfe and I am
the leader of the "Lime Hollow Boys", an old-time party & show band located
in far-northern NY, near the Quebec border.  We are three young retirees now
free to pursue and share our mutual love of music.

We will be traveling from our home in Northern NY to Mooresville, NC (just
North of Charlotte) for an April 5th performance at the "Tuesday Night
Jamboree" in the Charles Mack Citizens' Center.  We will be one of a few
acts in that night's show, which will culminate with a performance by the
Krueger Brothers.  As you might guess, we are very excited to meet and then
also get to perform with the Kruegers!

The Kruegers aside, we would also like to take the opportunity afforded by
this trip to meet and play with other musicians on this list.  Since we
expect to travel along the I-81 and I-77 corridors, I expect we'll be near a
number of you somewhere along the way.  We would be willing to take side
trips or vary the route, as long as there was time.  Hopefully, we might
even get a house party or fun jam session in.  Let us know and we'll stop n'
play for a spell.  Yes, we actually do even play some Dixieland!

Naturally, a paying job or two would certainly help us along if anyone cares
to attempt to set something up in your town!  We are open to most ideas as
long as we're in Mooresville for April 5th, and home by the 9th or 10th.
Please consider that your veterans club, fire dept., town concert series,
senior center, or local watering hole might spring for a visit from The Lime
Hollow Boys if given the right approach.   Really, anything would help.
We'd try to do the same up here for you!

We most generally perform in small city/town venues where a general audience
can appreciate our unique blend of musical styles.  We frequently play for
municipal concert series; fraternal, veterans, and fire service events;
senior citizen center dances and socials; and the like.  We regularly play -
for the last year- at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, a local Native American
gaming establishment.   We have a self-produced CD with sales topping 500.

Although we are the premier local band for our genre of music, we are
beginning to extend out into the larger scene.  For example, In September we
performed four well-attended shows at the NY State Fair in Syracuse, NY and
were immediately rehired for next year.  If you care to visit our website,
www.limehollowboys.com, you'll see that we have a good following, and stay
busy.   You can hear some of what we do there as well.

We sincerely appreciate your interest, and hope to benefit by any advice or
assistance you choose to share.

Thank you for your time.

Keep On a-Huffin'
Johnny "Big Bad" Wolfe
n2xbw at twcny.rr.com

P.O. Box 664
Norfolk, NY 13667
315-384-4668 (Home)
315-250-6660 (Cell)

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