[Dixielandjazz] Whatever happened to...?

dingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Mon Jan 3 14:32:34 PST 2005

I'd like to start off the new Year with a little "Whatever happened 
to..." session.
First name -- Bobby Anderson
He was a sweet little cornet player around L for a whiel in the late 
40's-50's. Caem from OshKosh, WI or Fond Du Lac area. He made one 
session onthe old Jump Lable with this OshKosh Serenadrers.
He wetoe a great little "happy" tune that Red Nichols liked and recorded 
called "Corkie."
Wo...what evere appened to him?
Second -- Jug Berger. A fine clarinet player inthe Chicago area in the 
1950's. Worked soem with Brunis at the old 1111 Club, and with other 
small bands inthe area. He was still aroound wehen i was at Jazz Ltd. 
inthe 60's, but we never got anywhere to hear him since we were working 
five nights a week.
One more old Chicago connection....Si Nelson. Good bass player...tall 
redhaired Swede with perpetual smile...perhaps induced by a little puff 
of the dragon. I worked with him at few times in the 50's in Chicago 
before moving to teh Denver/Apen area later inteh 50's.
So...if you have a follow up on these names -- or some to suggest 
yourself, then let;s all find out...what happened to..."
Don Ingle

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