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Castaway News Mailing List

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Press Release

1. The Antique Six - 13 January 2005

2. Castaway News - January Edition

3. New Club 'Phone Numbers

1. The Antique Six - 13 January 2005

The 2005 Season at the Club's Walton Park Venue is off to a flying start on Thursday 13 January - The Antique Six are back! Always in great demand for return visits they have played for Clevedon Jazz Club many times before, and are always very well received by the club's discerning audience. This time they've fitted us in on their way to play in Paignton.

The players who make up the Antique Six came together in 1995 with a number of shared perceptions that have carried the band forward and provided a good base for their continuing success. They all agree that, without sacrificing the essential qualities of the music, it is important to have a professional approach at all times. To this end the band regularly rehearse to improve and extend the repertoire. The band aim to please, playing a wide variety of material to suit all tastes within the Trad Jazz genre. They have worked hard to create a sense of identity and wherever possible they keep the same personnel, recognising that fans identify particular musicians with the name of the band. 

The members of the band bring a wealth of experience. Individual members have played with many first-class bands up and down the country, recorded, broadcast and played festival venues at home and abroad - Clevedon, Upton, Torquay, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Cork, Breda and so many more.

The doors will open at 8pm, the music will start at 8.30pm and it will be £6.50 'on the door' for Non Members (members get a substantial discount). Further details of this and all other Clevedon Jazz Club events, and Club Membership, are available from Trev on 0700 5806 252 and from the Club's web site atwww.clevedonjazzclub.co.uk.

2. Castaway News - January Edition

The January 2005 edition of the Club's newsletter is now available on the Club's web site www.castaway.clevedonjazzclub.co.uk and features:

	#	Details of the Club's and other local gigs.
	#	An introduction to Jazz on Internet Radio
	#	An update on the future of CLIC as a Club Ticket retailer
	#	A report on Jazz at Lee Bay by Bob Buck
	# 	An update on this year's Long Weekend
	# 	A few funnies.

3. New Club 'Phone Numbers

The Club has aquired two dedicated 'phone numbers - see below. The new numbers should be used for all Club business in future. The '44' prefix is only required for calls originating from outside the UK, when it replaces the initial 0 ie. 44 700 5806 252 etc.

Trevor Tomasin

'phone (44) 0700 5806 252
fax (44) 0700 5806 253
www.clevedonjazzclub.co.uk - Clevedon Jazz Club - details & events.
Www.castaway.clevedonjazzclub.co.uk - Castaway News - the Clubs Newsletter.
Www.weekend.clevedonjazzclub.co.uk - The Long Weekend - Clevedon's Annual Jazz Weekend,.

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