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> Then again, what do I know.  Woody Herman used 
> to be my financial advisor.
> Dick Broadie

Hi Dick:

Woody gave me some financial advise once too,  " Invest your money in 
promoting big bands, especially The Thundering Herd"   I did a few times and made 
pretty good money a  couple of times, but then the bottom fell out of that market 
too.  Late 60s.

The last time I promoted a show with Woody he offered me a job to play with 
the band, ride the bus, and get $350.00 a week.   I thanked him and told him I 
was honored that he thought I played well enough for the job, but that I had 
made more money promoting him that night than he would pay me for three months 
of work on the road.  :))

I gave him some financial advise that night,  "Invest in the Thundering Herd 
but be careful where and when, some dates do well and others don't draw flies" 

That was the last time I saw him before he passed.

Cheers and Happy Prosperous New Year

Tom Wiggins

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