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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 28 11:11:57 PST 2005

Following for the discographers on the list. Priced at about $300 USD.


Order The Jazz Discography CD-ROM Version 6.0 by
December 31st and take advantage of our 10% discount.

We are pleased to announce that The Jazz Discography CD-ROM Version 6.0
has now published (see http://www.lordisco.com/ for full details).  It is
the most comprehensive general jazz discography ever published.  Find all
you want to know about virtually any jazz recording ever released.  

Including enhanced search functions CD-ROM 6.0 has almost 10,000 new
recording sessions and updates from our constantly expanding database. 
It also includes the most complete and up-to-date leader discographies ever
published of Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.
CD-ROM Version 6.0 includes over 31,000 leaders, over 160,000 recording
sessions, over 900,000 musician entries and over 900,000 tune entries.

The search features of the CD-ROM Version 6.0 will allow you to find
precisely the recording information you want, quickly and easily. You
can copy and paste session data into your own records and, if you want
hard-copy of the data you find, you can print up to 50 recording
sessions at one time.

More search options than ever before

CD-ROM Version 6.0 has been programmed to provide a virtual endless
variety of advanced searches. Searches can even be made by individual
word (e.g. "City") or a combination of two words (e.g. "Musician" +
"Country"). Search for a record label or just a general date. Every
field in the database can be searched individually or in groups with a
selection dialog box.  Also included are leader, musician and tune
indexes which provide "big picture" summaries of each category.
You can find more details of these and other new features on the CD-ROM
at http://www.lordisco.com/ (click the CD-ROM button). 

Order by December 31, 2005 and you will save 10%. See the Pricing Page
on our website.  Order your copy by visiting the "Orders" page at our web
site at http://www.lordisco.com/.
If you have bought previous versions of The Jazz Discography CD-ROM you are
automatically eligible to purchase Version 6.0 at half the published
price.  But if you order your copy by December 31, 2005 you can earn an
additional 10% discount. See the Pricing Page at http://www.lordisco.com/
on our web site.
Lord Music Reference Inc 1540 Taylor Way  West Vancouver, BC  Canada V7S 1N4
Email: lord at lordisco.com Phone/Fax: 604-926-9822

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