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      Seeking Nasty Banjo Player
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  We are a very well established, Greater-Boston-area 5-piece string 
band (giuitar, mandolin, upright bass, dobro, and banjo) seeking a 
replacement for our current banjo player. Due to long-term, creative 
differences, he is throwing in the towel. As a result, we will begin 
auditioning banjo players after the Holidays.

   We have been playing the New England club circuit steadily for the 
past 3 years and have developed a healthy following. We're in the 
middle of our first national radio campaign. And we're just about ready 
to get back into the studio to record our second album! Beyond that, 
we're in the process of booking an East Coast Spring Tour set to begin 
in the middle of April:.

  What we're looking for:

  1)A progressive mind set on the big picture!
   · This is not a traditional bluegrass outfit! If you're content with 
pickin' on old-timey Bill Monroe tunes at the Cantab with your buddies 
on Tuesday nights, then look elsewhere! This is NOT the project for 
   · We are an original band at heart! Our first album features 12 
original songs and we have at least another 20 more originals that we 
play live regularly. You will be expected to learn quickly!

  2)A professional attitude!
   · This is an amazing opportunity for someone looking to make music 
performance a full-time job! We have laid a solid foundation here, and 
we plan to be touring full-time within the next 2 years!
   · If this project is a fit for you, we will be asking for a full-time 
commitment, as we have many shows booked and need to fill this position 

  3)Innovation in your approach to the banjo!
   · The banjo player that is leaving us is probably one of the most 
innovative players on the east coast, the world even! We will be sad to 
see him go! That being said, you have BIG shoes to fill!
   · We are looking for someone with serious chops here. someone with a 
bluesy, aggressive edge to his playing. We're not looking for a 
refined, composition-oriented Bela Fleck type! You should be young (a 
twenty-something) and cocky and humble at the same time, if such a 
thing exists!

   That's about it! If you think you've got what it takes then get in 
touch! I'd like to hear some of your stuff via mp3 if possible before 
our first meeting. If we decide to go ahead, I'll send you a copy of 
our CD and you can learn 2-3 songs of your choice that we can run 
through. Your audition will be with me and me alone. I am the guitar 
player/singer/songwriter! This is my band, and I make a lot of the 
executive decisions. Ultimately, I will be the one who hires you! So if 
I haven't scared the shit out of you yet, and you're still reading, 
GREAT! Now let's see who bites..
           this is in or around Boston/Lowell, MA

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