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Stephen J Hester wrote:

>Red Nichols did Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers three times that I know of:
>(late) February 1945 For MacGregror Transcriptions:  Red Nichols (c/ldr); Heinie
>Beau (clt/arr); Herbie Haymer (ts); Earl Sturgis (p); Gene England or Thurman
>Teague (sb); Ted Tillman (d).   The arrangement by Heinie Beau is dated 2/21/45.
> This version is on MacGregor Transcriptions and various lp issues.
>March 1946 radio broadcast from Club Morroco.   Red Nichols (c/ldr); Rosy
>McHargue (clt); Don Lodice (ts); Al Pellegrino (p); Thurman Teague (sb); Rollie
>Culver (d).
>22 November 1953 (transcribed 08 November 1953):  General Electric Show Starring
>Bing Crosby.  John Scott Trotter And His Orchestra.  Program #48.
>He may have done it on the network shows of the Atlantic Family or Kellogg
>College Prom in the 30s, but I do not have those files in front of me right now.
>Steve Hester
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Re: On the Nichols band of this period.
Good info, Steve. This was the transitional period with Nichols.  He 
soon reverted to using trombone (King Jackson) i place of tebor sax, and 
adding Blizzardhead (Joe Rushton) on bass sax in place of string bass. 
Rosie cotinued to write a few charts for him but he began using pianist 
Bobby Hammock's  charts utikizign t he all B-flat horn line (rich sound 
stemming from all b flat instruments vibrating the same b flat overtones.
I a mentoree and student of Nicholds in this period, I was on hand to 
see it develop into the fine band that it was in this late period. After 
Rosiee left, Matty Matlock took a stay on clarinet and eventually the 
wonderful Bill Woods, who matched Matty in having a rich, warm, fat and 
round low register sound.
I add that Don Lodice was the older bother of Charlie Lodice, the long 
time Pete Fountain drummer. And Rollie Culver was Heinie Beau's brother 
in law -- both refuges from Fond Du Lac, WI, proving that Einstein was 
right -- all things are relative -- or at least in law!<G>
Don Ingle
Your collabotive efforts with Phil made for a great book, and opened up 
endless sttings fo recollections of that time for one who was around to 
take much o it in.
Don Ingle

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