[Dixielandjazz] I'm BAAAAAAACK!!!

Stephen Heist steveheist at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 23 13:13:16 PST 2005

Hi friends,
Well, after a LOOOOOONG time off of here - I'm back - It's me, Stubby or Steve Heist, if you prefer to be formal - and I'm a little further away from everybody!  I moved to Quebec (Yep, Canada, eh)  I am now living about 30 miles west of Montreal and looking for work.  Anyway to make a long story SHORT - anybody know of any bands in Montreal (Toronto, is a little far to travel)???  If you do - I'd love to hear some good jazz this Christmas :-)
I hope to hear from a lot of my old friends, so keep in touch...  Does anyone ever bring up the subject of the...  Oh, never mind - don't want to bring it up!
All the VERY best, gang...
Steve Heist

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