[Dixielandjazz] Re: Parade of the Wooden Soldiers vs. Parade of the Tin Soldiers

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Fri Dec 23 11:04:19 PST 2005

Dear Bill,

Thanks for all of the information!

The reissue LP I played was Tops Music Interprises L-1594 Red Nichols  
and His 5 Pennies (with no specific line-up or dates, but probably  
1957  issue.)

The overlying question still remains - how did "Die Parade der  
Holzsoldaten" become both "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" (mostly in  
the USA) AND "Parade of the Tin Soldiers" (mostly in the UK?)

"Holzsoldaten" translates as Wood Soldier, by the way.

The Ellington / Strayhorn "March of the Toy Soldiers" is the  
Nutcracker   "Peanut Brittle Brigade" (March of the Toys) http:// 
www.warr.org/ellington.html has this -
>  The Nutcracker Suite (1960)
> I was afraid this was a quick cash-in at the expense of would-be- 
> hip classical fans, but actually it's an organic, coherent and fun  
> adaptation of Tchaikovsky to big-band format. "Dance Of The Sugar  
> Plum Fairy" becomes the sly, measured "Sugar Rum Cherry"; "Waltz Of  
> The Flowers" becomes "Danse Of The Floreadores." "The March Of The  
> Toy Soldiers" gets the most thorough transformation as the main  
> melody is cut up, moved into different registers, and occasionally  
> shows up only in the background. But perhaps the clearest  
> indication of the success of Ellington's undertaking is that you're  
> almost never aware you're listening to an updated classical piece:  
> it just sounds like jazz, and great jazz to boot ("Chinoiserie,"  
> spotlighting Jimmy Hamilton and Paul Gonsalves). I have this on a  
> tape called Three Suites together with Peer Gynt/Suite Thursday. (DBW)

and a web search of < "March of the Toy Soldiers" Strayhorn > also  
turned up this - "The Mighty Tubadours"  Babes in Toyland: March of  
the Toy Soldiers ... Composer: Billy Strayhorn (1915 - 1967) Period:  
20th Century Form"  but when I actually went to the CD page it was  
more like:

> 1. Babes in Toyland: March of the Toy Soldiers
> Composer: Victor Herbert (1859 - 1924)   Period: Romantic   Form /  
> Genre: March / Operetta
> Written: 1903   Country: USA
...skip down a lot...
> 14. Satin Doll
> Composer: Billy Strayhorn (1915 - 1967)   Period: 20th Century    
> Form / Genre: Song
> Written: 1958

So, a bit of a web search figment, I guess...

Dave Richoux

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