[Dixielandjazz] Band Set up / Acoustics

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 21 12:30:10 PST 2005

Mike Vax wrote: (about various set-ups & acoustic problems)

> It is  all in what you get used to.

Amen to that Mike. The band in which I play at the Showboat Casino is a
perfect example of that. (four times a week)

In one area where we play, the acoustics/set-up are damned near impossible.
In the absence of clanking coins in the slot machine area, the electronic
slots give out a very audible hum. It is a perfect concert C.

Additionally, the House of Blues slot area, next to the regular Showboat
slots pipes in R & B over numerous speakers, also very audible. We usually
play 3 songs per set in the middle, between these areas. So there are three
competing sets of sounds.

We play with trumpet/trombone/clarinet/tuba/drums . . . no chord instrument,
like a New Orleans Marching band.

In the beginning, last March it was a bit chaotic. Trouble hearing, trouble
maintaining tempo etc. But gradually we were able to block out all the
distractions and do our thing, to the delight of the patrons and ourselves.

Occasionally, when using a sub or two, they are amazed and unsure for a
moment, but like you say, "it is all in what you get used to."


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