[Dixielandjazz] Band Set Ups

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Tue Dec 20 23:38:37 PST 2005

Without quoting a lot of Larry's response, I must agree with all that he  
1. The "V" set up is much better for bands that play together all the time  
and know the music.  On Stan Kenton's Band, we played 350 days a year on  the 
road together.
2.We had a GREAT rhythm section, who knew how to play dynamics and  LISTEN. 
While I was on Stan Kenton's band, the drummers were: John Von Ohlen, Jerry  
McKenzie, and Peter Erskine.  John Worster was the bass player and Ramon  
Lopez was the Latin Percussionist.
3.The V was angled so that the trombones and saxes were almost facing each  
other.  The trumpets were always on a riser behind the rhythm  section.
4. The musicians were always of the highest caliber.  It was an honor  to be 
on the same stage with them every night.
5. Boy, was it fun!
Mike Vax
PS - I must also admit that with my Kenton Alumni Band, we use a more  
traditional set up, because we only tour a few weeks a  year.

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