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One time  I played with a stage band that used the extended "V" Buddy Rich 
up.  In almost all cases this setup is a disaster without a really  good 
monitoring system.  The problem with the setup is that the  brass, especially 
the bass trombone are 20-25 feet away from the sax  section with the rhythm 
in the center.  Great if you are a drummer  and are going for visual effect 
but ordinarily there is no way that the  Bari Sax can hear the Bass Trombone 
on the other end of that mess so you  have constant phasing between the two 
ends.  Of course the band  leader of that particular group is an idiot but 
that's another  story.

Interesting.  I saw Buddy's band many times and never saw him set up  in a 
"V."  That is the way we set up with Stan Kenton's band most of the  time.  And 
--- most of the time there were no monitors.  We were lucky  to have a few 
mics for solos.The Bari Sax and the Bass Trombone played very good  time, just as 
the rest of the band did.  The phrasing was impeccable. It is  all in what 
you get used to.  (And the leader of the Stan Kenton Orchestra  was definitely 
NOT an idiot.) Stan was one of the finest musicians and leaders  that ever 
Mike Vax

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