[Dixielandjazz] Bah humbug

Elazar Brandt larryb at actcom.co.il
Fri Dec 16 18:51:28 PST 2005

On the other hand, Ol' Uncle Mordecai has 8 days to get the job done, while
only having to visit the homes of some 14 million people, most of whom
either live in Israel or in the same building in New York City on the lower
east side.

Then again, we get 8 nights for gigs--6 or 7 if you're religious and don't
play on Shabbos--this year including Christmas and New Years eve. Dr. Jazz
has 2 of the nites covered so far, plus 2 Friday afternoons playing in town
if weather permits.

We're expanding our website. Soon to have more sond clips and some video of
Dr. Jazz in action. I'll let you know when the new material is up and

Season's Greetings, and Shalom Jazz Fans,

Dr. Jazz Dixieland Band
Tekiya Trumpet Ensemble
Jerusalem, Israel

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While you are all tooting away at your Yuletide gigs consider this ...

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